HIV rapid testing

For far too long heterosexual women have not been given the same consideration and effort as other people deemed to be at risk of HIV contraction. Whilst we do agree that in New Zealand the statistics for heterosexual HIV contact are still rather low, we do not condone neglect of women when it comes to priority testing for HIV.

Positive Women Inc’s rapid HIV testing campaign is centred around the understanding that women, too, can get HIV. The face for this campaign is Tonya Booker, a 48-year-old New Zealand based mother and partner who was not advised by doctors to get a HIV test despite being unwell. Due to this systemic negligence, she was diagnosed too late and died in 2014.

This is a form of unintended discrimination but it is discrimination nonetheless. Straight, middle-aged women can get HIV too and straight young women can get HIV too and it is extremely important to get tested if there is a chance of exposure to HIV.

Positive Women Inc is happy to offer rapid HIV testing to women and girls free of cost when they make an appointment to get themselves tested. If you feel like you have been at significant risk of HIV transmission recently and want to get yourself tested, give us a call and our tester will give you the earliest available time to drop in for a rapid HIV test.

The rapid HIV test offered at PWI is a finger prick test, which detects HIV antibodies if they are present in the blood sample. This will tell you whether you have contracted HIV or not. The benefit of the rapid HIV test lies in its name: you get quick results – 15 minutes to be exact!

PWI guarantees that testing with us is a completely confidential process.