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Jane Bruning - National Coordinator
Phone: (09) 623 9183

Positive Women in the News:

Positive Women Inc. Urges Caution with HIV Self-Testing Kits
29 Apr, 2015

Call to subsidise female condoms in Parliament tomorrow
4 Nov, 2014

Petition calls for subsidies and wider range of women's condoms
4 Nov 2014

Female Condom FC2 'Approved For Sale' in New Zealand to Fight HIV
8 April 2014

Female Condoms Finally Given the Stamp of Approval in NZ
7 April 2014

Female Condom Could Make A Return
8 March 2014

Growing Call for Condoms for the Ladies
8 March 2014

Case Put For Condoms For Women
7 March 2014

Paper Dolls in Support of Bringing Female Condoms to NZ
7 March 2014

Positive Women Inc. Secures Large Grant from M•A•C AIDS Fund
26 November 2013

HIV and AIDS still carry stigma
2 December 2013

Calls for Affordable Sexual Health Products
29 November 2013

All We Want For Christmas Is Access to Female Condoms
19 November 2013

New Auckland art exhibition focuses on HIV and stigma
12 August 2013

TV 1 Saturday Breakfast interview on World AIDS Day, Jane Bruning with Shaun Robinson of NZAF
1 December, 2012

Positive Women Inc. members speak out over HIV+ child banned from Day Care Centre on John Campbell LIve
10 May, 2012

"Our voices are not heard - a minority within a minority"
26 March, 2012

Community house a positive start
23 March, 2012

UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibe, officially opens Positive Women Inc.'s Community House
Mr Sidibe was in New Zealand for a short visit with the Rt. Hon. Helen Clark, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), who was also present for the opening on the eve of International Women's Day, March 4th 2012.
8 March, 2012 TVNZ Online article
13 March, 2012 UNAIDS website article

Jane Bruning speaks on gender violence and HIV at Asia-Pacific High-level Intergovernmental Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand
Asia-Pacific High-level Intergovernmental Meeting on the Assessment of Progress against Commitments in the Political Declaration on HIV/AIDS and the Millennium Development Goals held by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific held in Bangkok, Thailand from the 6th to the 8th of February 2012.
8 March, 2012

Jane Bruning shares New Zealand's and her personal experiences with HIV on the UNAIDS NGO Delegate website
19 December, 2011

NGO delegates to the UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board for Asia-Pacific, Jane Bruning and Rathi Ramanathan, share messages on key affected women and girls at the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP).
30 August, 2011

Positive Women Inc's Paper Doll Campaign workshop in Whangarei featured in the Whangerei Leader
30 August, 2011

UNAIDS NGO Delegation to the Programme Coordinating Board welcomes Jane Bruning as new Asia-Pacific Region delegate
8 August, 2011

Positive Women Inc. members in short documentary "Perpetuating Stigma" shown on TVNZ 7
This documentary challenges the prevailing characterisation of women in stories about HIV criminalisation as unwitting victims of HIV-positive men rather than of the criminal laws themselves.
April, 2011

Women's groups unite over Female Condoms and Paper Dolls
3 June 2011

Positive Women
25 February, 2008

Positive message on HIV infection
21 February, 2008