Digital Stories

Jane's Story

Having lived with HIV since 1988, I wasn't prepared for the emotional impact that producing my digital story would have on me. My initial interest was more about learning a new technical skill which I could use in my work to help raise awareness around HIV, so I was taken aback when I started to relive those initial fears and anxieties which I had experienced when first diagnosed.

I knew I would cry when I heard the other women's stories...but I didn't expect to cry when I tried to tell mine... mine was an old story, one I knew well as I had lived it and had become accustomed to it...yet so is the power of this highly stigmatised disease, so insipidly subtle, that it could still come forward and slap me in the face when I least expected it.

I hope for those who listen to these stories, you will gain some insight as to what it is like for people living with HIV and realise how utterly life-changing an HIV diagnoses can be. I hope these stories will open your minds and your hearts towards those who are affected, daily, by stigma and discrimination and that as a result you will be more accepting of your fellow mankind. Also remember to take care as these stories could so easily be yours.

Thank you for taking the time to listen...