Digital Stories

Melinda's Story

I decided to do the digital story telling workshop because I saw it as a great opportunity to publicly share my story, raise HIV awareness and understanding, and produce a useful tool to use when advocating and educating. I also wanted to gain new skills which would allow me to create more digital stories in the future.

The experience of doing the workshop was a test for time, and a lot of work. It was also emotional, especially when listening to other people's heartfelt stories. Overall it was very rewarding experience, and all participants successfully wrote a script, recorded narration, edited and imported photo's and music, and put together the final story. The difficult task was to make sure timing was right and all slides fit in with the narration and music to the second.

After finishing my story, I felt like I had accomplished something I had never done before, and I was proud to see the finished result. It was great to create a digital story which could be shared with others around the world on the internet or in a presentation. I was pleased to have made a story that would help spread some messages about HIV, and I am honoured to have had the opportunity to take part in a workshop with such a valuable and rewarding outcome.

I have since had the opportunity to share my story in a Positive Women Inc fundraising project put on by some high school girls from a leadership program through YWCA. They shared my digital story at their presentation, and said it had a powerful impact on the audience.

Thanks to Susan and Jon for teaching us, and a special thanks to Jane Bruning Positive Women Inc., and the MAC AIDS Fund for making this all happen.