Digital Stories

Michelle's Story

I decided to participate in the digital story-telling workshop because I feel a deep need to share my story but I am unable to do so openly due to the stigma that still surrounds HIV. Working on my digital story was intensely emotional and utterly draining but I believe that being able to express my pain and sorrow will eventually help me to heal. The facilitators were very sensitive and very successfully managed to foster a mutually supportive workshop environment. Although I knew it would be extremely demanding working on deeply personal issues within a 'workshop', my anxiety swiftly melted away in the company of such amazingly compassionate women who were there to record their own very moving stories. Despite huge frustrations trying to overcome technical problems, overall, it has been a positive experience and I somehow feel calmer and more able to cope with life now that I have produced and shared my personal digital story.

Thank you to Story Express, Positive Women Inc. and the MAC AIDS Fund for providing the opportunity for me to be involved in this workshop.