Digital Stories

Olivier's Story

I wanted to do the Digital Story Telling workshop because I saw this as an opportunity to express my thoughts and feelings on living with HIV, and to also share my issues of raising a child with HIV.

I didn't know many HIV+ people who also had a child with the virus, which contributed to my feelings of loneliness and at times despair.

I live in hope that my story will help other parents living in a similar situation find their own answers to the trials and tribulations of raising an HIV positive child.

Thank you to all the positive women who have listened and supported me through my questions over the years, of raising a positive child.

Also thank you to the Board of Positive Women Inc. and the MAC AIDS Fund for giving me the opportunity to express my voice. And a big thank you to Suzy & Jon for their unique & inspiring workshop that encouraged me to voice my story in a way I didn't think was possible.