Who We Are

Positive Women Inc was born in 1990 to support and empower women and families living with or affected by HIV or AIDS. An often overlooked yet significant part of the HIV community living in New Zealand.

We raise awareness of HIV and AIDS in the community through educational programmes with a focus on prevention and de-stigmatisation.

We offer the following for woman living with HIV or AIDS:

  • A drop-in centre in Auckland open from 9.00-5.00pm, Monday to Friday
  • A registered social worker
  • Access to a free-phone number for information and support
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Annual retreat for women living with HIV
  • Advice and referral service
  • Family/whānau hui every two years
  • Community gardening projects
  • Teen camp
  • Training to be an HIV educator

Health promotion through:

  • HIV awareness and prevention to educate the wider community through various mediums including public events, health seminars, media interviews and articles
  • Annual HIV Women’s Seminar to educate community leaders and professionals in dealing with the needs of women
  • Secondary Schools Quarterly Sex Education weekends
  • NZ Midwives training programmes
  • Secondary School educational talks
  • Free HIV Rapid Testing

Our logo
The Positive Women Inc logo takes the well recognised HIV ribbon and gives it a feminine touch by linking the ribbons together in unity to form a rose flower – a symbol of love, beauty, hope, happiness, fruitfulness and growth. The words Positive Women written in green, represents the stem of the rose, symbolising strength and support.

Our sponsors