Black Lives Matter

Positive Women Inc. along with thousands of New Zealanders across the country and around the world, state our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The following is a very thought provoking excerpt by the NZ Human Rights about Causal Racism:

Most New Zealanders are not overt racists but sometimes things are said which is not realized as discriminatory. Sometimes people allow casually racist thoughts, actions and comments into their lives and while they know they are wrong, we let them stand. This is how prejudice starts. It starts small. 

When we encounter these little pieces of racism because we’re human and because we don’t like tension, we’ll laugh it off, excuse it, pretend it isn’t what it is. When we do this to racism and intolerance we passively agree with it. And this is how we help it grow.

We want New Zealanders to challenge our own prejudices, because they’re passed on to the next generation with the subtlest of teachings. 

Prejudice starts small, on the streets we live in, at the places we shop in, and it grows when good people allow it. Hate starts small but so too does hope. 

We want New Zealanders to challenge ourselves and our loved ones to treat each other with mana. This is about making a stand about the kind of country we live in and the kind of people we are. 

By giving nothing to racism we refuse to indulge it, we refuse to let it flourish, we refuse to welcome it.