Cafe+ and Lounge+ at the Big Gay Out

Big Gay Out 2020 was a huge success. Positive Women Inc. was part of two initiatives organised at the event, Cafe+ and Lounge+

Cafe+ was such a success in 2019 we organised it again this year. The positive eatery was set up because as a recent survey showed 42% of New Zealanders would not be comfortable eating food prepared by someone living with HIV. We want to challenge this stigma at the cafe by having the food served by people living with HIV. The eatery was so popular we sold out of food and served over 500 people. Amazing!

We also set up Lounge+ an HIV Friendly Space. Located in the main field close to the stage, we were incredibly busy. The tent housed the wonderful team from MAC make-up, who painted hundreds of glitter red ribbons on passers by. We also set up a space for Stigma Index interviews and a zone with lots of bean bags for guests to relax on. Next year we hope to make the space even bigger and better.

Cafe+ and Lounge+ was a collaboration between Positive Women Inc, Body Positive and New Zealand AIDS Foundation.