Connecting Online

We hosted our first online member workshop in July. Presenter, Maka Tuwe taught us how to create do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty products from all-natural materials you would find in your pantry and garden. Maka’s philosophies are centred around tradition and nature. She is currently doing a Diploma in Holistic Māori Wellbeing and talked about how she draws on this knowledge in her teachings. Being a Zimbabwean New Zealander, she also likes to incorporate the ancient art of traditional African skincare into her workshops. It was a fun and interesting session where we learnt how to make lovely facial and body scrubs.

Being our first workshop, we had a few technical hitches to sort out, but overall things went smoothly. It was lovely to connect with those that could make it and I’m sure the more we do these online sessions the better they will get. We have two upcoming workshops scheduled, so make sure you note them in your calendar. On Saturday 29th August at 2pm MAC will present an online make up tutorial and on Saturday 26th September at 2pm we will be hosting a Q and A session with an infectious disease’s specialist. RSVP to Megan at