Donation of 5 TV’s from the Vodafone Foundation

Photo of: Annie from the Vodafone Foundation with one of the 5 TV’s donated to Positive Women Inc. by the Vodafone Foundation.

Positive Women Inc. received a very exciting phone call from the Vodafone Foundation, informing us Positive Women Inc. had been nominated to receive a number of Panasonic TV’s to use for raising funds.

The TV’s will be auctioned on Trademe to raise money for the Torrens Fund. This fund is used to send teenagers living with HIV in New Zealand, aged from 13-17, to the HIV Teen Camp held in Australia.

Positive Women Inc. works in conjunction with the Sydney Children’s Hospital to make this annual event happen which is a significant occurrence for the teens. Over the years we have seen the dramatic difference in the teens who attend in regards to greater self-confidence, better adherence to medications, continuation in education and training and generally better life skills.

The use of this donation aligns with the purpose of the Vodafone Foundation which is all about empowering youth.

If you are interested in buying a TV for that special Christmas gift, check it out on Trademe.

A huge thank you to the Vodafone New Zealand Foundation.