Launch of More to Me; a video poem for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day this year Positive Women Inc launched a very special video poem for its members and women living with HIV all around the world.
A unique and moving insight on what it is really like to be a woman living with HIV and how those three letters do not define a woman’s worth, the poem is a celebration of the womanhood and strength.
Two Positive Women Inc. members and poetess/videographer Gemishka Chetty came together to produce this inspiring spoken word poetry video.
Spoken word poetry can be a powerful tool to express emotion. That is why it proved to be the perfect medium to express the stories of these two amazing women who are mothers, daughters, partners, sisters and their own agents of change.
Like all women, women who live with HIV are a sum of their parts. They are not defined by a single character or a single flaw. They are givers and nurturers, professionals and home-makers. Those three letters (HIV) do not define them. The video poem drove that point home.
The video poem was launched at the International Women’s Day event hosted by Auckland Regional Migrant Services (ARMS) at Mt Albert War Memorial. There were some 150 people in attendance who got to be the first people to see the poem. We are so happy to share it with you here.