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Treat Yourself Right: Information for Women living with HIV or AIDS

This booklet is for women who are living with HIV but it is also a very useful and informative resource for those working in the HIV sector or as a general source of information about women and HIV.

HIV, Pregnancy and Women's Health

Women living with HIV feel well. They are healthy. They are thinking about long-term relationships. They are thinking about a future and having children. The information in this booklet will be useful at all stages of pregnancy for women living with HIV or for women who are diagnosed with HIV during their pregnancy. It is also an informative resource for those working in the HIV sector.

HIV and AIDS Education in Schools: A resource for New Zealand Educators

Schools are key settings for educating young people about HIV and AIDS, for halting the further spread of the HIV infection and reducing stigma. The vast experience gained internationally over the last decade and a half in developing and teaching diverse programmes and curricula to educate school children on HIV prevention has yielded a well-established set of essential considerations for effective school-based HIV awareness, prevention and destigmatisation curricula. They are the core concepts of this booklet.

HIV: A New Diagnosis

This booklet is for any person who is diagnosed with HIV, regardless of gender, sexuality or cultural background. The booklet details how the virus affects the body, offers advice on how to manage one’s life as a person living with HIV and provides suggestions on how to make decision around treatments, sex, telling people and your legal rights. It may not answer all your questions but it may be a useful starting point. You might find some sections more relevant to you than others or might decide you want to read the entire booklet to learn as much as you can about HIV.

Happy, Healthy and Hot

Young people living with HIV may feel that sex is just not an option, but many young people living with HIV live healthy, fun, happy and sexually fulfilling lives. This guide is to support and help young people develop strong intimate relationships. It explores how your human rights and sexual well-being are related and suggest strategies to help make decision about dating, relationships, sex and parenthood. It explores the rights of young people living with HIV.