Stigma Index Training Weekend July 2019

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The People Living with HIV Stigma Index 2.0 is a tool to measure the extent of stigma and discrimination experienced by people living with HIV. More than 100 countries have implemented the Stigma Index, and for the first time, the Stigma Index Working Group is running this project in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

This study is an initiative that has been developed by and for people living with HIV. It is intended that the process of carrying out the interviews and undertaking the study will be empowering for people, their networks and local communities. 

Recently, the Stigma Index Working Group successfully ran a training workshop for the interviewers involved in the project on the weekend of 28-30 June 2019. As a part of their involvement, the 12 peers from all around New Zealand were taught necessary basics around stigma and discrimination, research and interview facilitation, and the importance of self-care. There is a lot of excitement moving forward around the potential power of the stories that will be captured. We would like to especially thank Jane Bruning, Sue McAllister, Tony Sriamporn, and Nic Hill for their hard work.